Christmas Card 2016

It has been quite a year.

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George continues to work full time (he will never stop). Most of his time is spend at Snap. He is still the executive director of the nonprofit he started TechDump, now one of the largest electronics recycling companies in Minnesota.  Yes, he still skis and is the director of training at the Courage Kenny Ski and Snowboard Program. He put about 7,000 miles on his Harley including a week riding around the Osarks. His favorite thing he built this year is a bar on ski’s.


Sherry still works as a spiritual director, volunteers at TechDump and weaves up a storm. She continues to take weaving classes and is a taste tester at most of the Gin distilleries in the Twin Cities. Sherry’s new passion is leading a group (Peace Makers) to understand and try to address the inequities of race, income,… She is going to Palestine and Israel next spring in addition to getting involved in the Twin Cities.


Guy continues his life long project of restoring his 120 year old house. The custom wood floors are amazing. He added another vehicle to his fleet this fall… wait for it… a classic 1969 El Camino. Sweet! And yes, he has a fantastic girl friend (Kristi).

guy-and-kristi-2 guy-and-kristi

Jennifer still has her business (Mango’s Jewelry Box). She keeps more than busy with two young daughters (Julianna and Natalia). Her husband John keeps up his golf game when he can. They still live in Seattle and love it.

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