2011 Family Night Awards (FNA) – Hosted by Natalie Patton

Always Bringing the Good Stuff Award
This person can always be counted on, without fail, to give the Family Night people, just exactly what the Family Night people really need most on a Monday nights. A tall sip of….you name it. It’s in your hand.

That is why this year’s Always Bringing the Good Stuff Award goes to none other than our very own….

:::::::: George ::::::::

The Author of the Year Award
Wow. It’s been a big year, books about Sexuality and Spirituality, Becky. Books about about Zombies taking over Chinos and Uptown, Guy. Oh, you all didn’t know? Well it didn’t take off too quickly, but it’s a real thriller-must-read!

Anyway after great deliberation and voting and re-voting it has been decided that The Author of the Year Award must go to none other than our in house author…

:::::::: becky ::::::::

Most Likely to Break the People Into a Kitchen Dance Award

By turning up the tunes, playing a little 90s pop musica, and saddling up to George’s Good Stuff, this person, through a few moves of their hips can get the people moving like never seen before. That is why this year, the Most Likely to Break the People Into a Kitchen Dance Award goes to,

:::::::: diana ::::::::

Most Skyped-in Family Nights Award
Even though oceans and skies, valleys and mountains, deserts and tundras, and even time and day separated this individual from Family Night…there was every once in awhile a computer siting of her on a Monday night. That is why the 2011 award of Most Skyped-in Family Nights Award  must go to….

:::::::: natalie ::::::::

Greatest Grilled-Concocted-Creator Award
If you where there, which you all were suppose to be, this summer. You know. You know about the grill. So without hesitation or delay the Greatest Grilled-Concocted-Creator Award goes to…

:::::::: john ::::::::

Most-Likely-to-Marry-The-Sexiest-Family-Member Award
Now now people, we are not talking about Rick here, the other sexiest-family- member…..  {pause} ….yes, now you’ve got it. That is why this 2011, first ever Effing-A’s Most-Likely-to-Marry-The-Sexiest-Family-Member Award must go to…

::::::: Sarah ::::::::

Storyteller of the Year Award
And just when you think the stories can’t get any crazier or absurd, they do. And just when you start wondering that this person might actually be lying, you realize they aren’t. because, yes these things really do happen to them. And that is why The Storyteller of the Year Award goes to…

:::::::: Steph ::::::::

Most Likely to Not-Be-Able-to-Eat-Anything-On-the-Table Award
So now we all double check our recipes, but she grins and bears it so well. The Most Likely to No Be Able to Eat Anything On the Table Award goes to…

:::::::: Sherry ::::::::

Best Attendance Award
Some kids work 4 entire years just to receive that impressive pin from the high school principle, perfect attendance. It screams, “You win.” But that’s just when you realize…wait?….there had to be more in my life! But that big shiny pin reminds you of the sad truth: there wasn’t.
That is why this year our Perfect Attendance Award goes to someone who is here every Monday night through the thick and thin. The good meals and bad. The cold winter nights and the perfect summer evenings. Without fail. Best Attendance Award goes to…
:::::::: Ernie ::::::::

Most Likely to “Interpret” A Recipe Award
Sometimes we try things and fail miserably. But sometimes we find someone who is able to “interpret” the rules, bend them, shake them, toss them around a bit and have the result be nothing short of a true miracle. If the recipe writer were to witness such “interpretative brilliance, they would simply say, “uh…well…i meant it to be that way all along”. So to none other can we give the Most Likely to “Interpret” A Recipe Award than to…

:::::::: Guy ::::::::

Rookie of the Year Award:
People say the bummer about family is you can’t choose the people…your just born with ’em. Well, i guess they’ve just never been to Family Night {or the F.N.A’s for that matter}. The newest member to join the Family Night Crew this year, did just that…she chose us and we are so lucky. That is why the Rookie of the Year Award goes to:

:::::::: Esther ::::::::

Best Out-of-Towner-To-Become-a-Natural-Local Award
So the South does have more to offer than just sweet-tea and humidity. Aren’t we the luckiest? The Best Out-of-Towner-To-Become-a-Natural-Local Award obviously goes to….

:::::::: Amanda ::::::::

The Most All-Around Consistent Award
Whether it be the side of the table he sits on, the beer he drinks, the suit coat he wears, his loyal attendance or his “i’m-so-glad-to-be-here” mentality. He’s a gem and that’s why he is winning the Most All-Around Consistent Award…

:::::::: Rick ::::::::